How to study English

How to study English?

English is a perfect language to learn. No matter if it is for pleasure, personal reasons or work. You have to remember that learning foreign language is always a hard job and requires plenty of time. You have to be systematic and work hard every day. Learning once in a blue moon, will not be effective. Make yourself motivated, no matter how good is your tutor; it is you who has to make it work.

There are many methods and ways of learning English however, all of them require commitment and time. In the given article some of the methods are presented.



The best way to learn language is simply to speak as much as it is possible. It does not matter if you know only a few basic words or you are already able to speak with sophisticated structures. Speaking with another person, no matter if it is online, in person or in written form. All you have to do is to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, stop being scared and let yourself speak. Being scared of making the mistake is one of the common reasons that stop people from speaking. It is advisable to fine the native speaker who is able to spend some time with you. If you cannot afford to have private lessons, you may propose him or her language exchange, he will teach you English and you will teach him your native language. Speaking from 20 to 30 minutes per day, will certainly improve your language skills. Moreover, when speaking with the native speaker, you will have no other chance than communicating your needs in foreign language. If you live in English speaking countries – you have much easier task, you can practice every day, while doing simple things: going to shop, using varied services, simply dealing with everyday problems. Even saying “hello” to a stranger or asking for directions will improve your skills.


Work on your pronunciation

Native English speakers may find you very difficult to understand if you do not work on your pronunciation, no matter how fluent are your English or how sophisticated is your vocabulary.

In order to study proper pronunciation you should listen to the native speakers and try to produce the same sounds. At first time it may be hard but after a while you will remember it. Pay attention to any sound which you are not familiar to. People often have difficulty in pronunciation of the “r”. Some find it hard to pronounce certain consonant clusters like “th”. Sometimes bad pronunciation will lead to misunderstanding. You can practice your pronunciation when listening to the music or watching the news. Sometimes adapting new sound may be hard especially when you have already learnt something wrong, but never give up on trying to correct it.


The more vocabulary you have the easier becomes learning English. However, using the list of words is not a key itself. You have to find a way to use these words in structures so you will not forget them.

When learning new words you can make labels for everyday household items and stick them everywhere around your house. If you look into the object, you will remember the word. Every time you use the object you will be forced to read its English name.

You can divide words into categories like: school, health, and job. Than when speaking about certain matter you will have a wide range of vocabulary to be used.

You can also learn by writing words in your notebook. This methods works well for visual learners. Each time u make a mistake start writing the words from the beginning.

Another way is to create small papers, on which you write the vocabulary down. Next you have to look the papers through.


Extra way to make a fast progress is to join some conversation classes or take part in language course. During the classes you will be thought the basis as well as advanced grammar rules. Learning proper sentence stricter is a very important approach to language learning.

Being a member or discussion groups is the easiest and the most relaxing way to learn English. It is more about finding interesting topics and building the proper relations with people.

Language courses may be expensive, however, worth it. Sometimes you will be assessed during them, which may motivate you additional. It may also be a reason of unnecessary stress. It is you who has to decide whether it works or not.


 dictHaving an English dictionary with you seems to be a good idea. Each time you feel like you stuck for some words, you can look them up straightaway. It is very common that speaker forgets the word in the middle of the sentence, when checking it you will avoid being embarrassed. You do not have to carry a book, it can be phone app as well. When you start using dictionary, do it with the one which provides definitions in your native language. After some time, when you already feel your own improvement, switch into English- English dictionary. When looking the world up, you will read its English explanation, by this way remembering more words and words order.



Listening to the radio is one of the best options of learning language. It is not only pleasurable but also very You should make an effort and listen to the radio shows at least 20 minutes per day. Do it whenever you have some free time, when you are exercising, working on computer or while taking a bath. Try to understand the main purpose of the speech, than if you have the chance, listen to it again and this time try to focus on the details and capture every single words.

If you have the chance it is advisable to make some notes while listening. You can write some difficult words down and then look the up in the dictionary. Try to use this words or phrases in structures or see on the internet how are they used the most common.

You can teach yourself a song and then try to sing it, by this way you also learn proper pronunciation. If you have some problems in understanding the lyrics as you simply do not hear them at first, fin them in the internet, and sing it by following the lyrics.

You can also download some audio courses and listen to them when commuting or before you go to sleep. There are also some listening comprehension tasks available in the internet.

Watch English movies.


tvAnother fun way to study English is to watch a movie or TV shows. Try to choose movies, which you like. If it is possible switch subtitles on by this way you will make understanding easier. You can also pick a movie that you have already watched. Then you will be familiar with the content and you will be able to understand much more. However, do not watch the movies which provide English audio and Polish subtitles, as you brain will focus on reading rather than listening and it will only be a time waste.




Read an English book, newspaper or magazine.

Go to the library or buy the book online that is a good way to develop your skills. Find something you are really interested in, kiazsomething that will not make you boredeasily. Firstly try to understand the content, than stop for a while and highlight all unknown words and put some effort to look them up in the dictionary. When being alone do not hesitate from reading the book aloud. Make yourself comfortable and try to pronounce each word correctly. Reading aloud makes understanding easier; it may help you to focus on the text. Do not just skim the text over, as it will be worthless. At the beginning try to choose easy texts than you can try something more complicated.



Write a diary

notatWritten English is same important as the oral one. Spend some time on practicing your writing skills. The good option is to write down few sentences every day. You can write about anything you want, about the weather, how you feel, what you ate for dinner or how you feel that day. It will help you to work on your sentence structures, grammar and will definitely expand your vocabulary. If you do not mind let somebody else to read it, the best way would be to have native speaker reading your notes. That would help you to avoid making errors in the future.




Find an English speaking pen- pal.

 When you improve your language skills, think about finding a friend. It is also fun learning, as it is combined with the excitement of receiving a new letter or email. It does not have to be someone you know, introducing yourself and getting to know somebody new may be an interesting experience. The best would be to find the native speaker, however, it is not necessary, as it all is rather about speaking than being correct. You may search somebody from English- speaking countries like the USA, Britain, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. Not only language you will learn but also the culture of another country.

Stay motivated

Set yourself a goal, it is important to be motivated and never give up. Remind yourself why you are doing this and how badly you desire to achieve it. Remember that after you do it, you will be able to speak with people around the world. You will improve your career or be able to travel wherever you want to.


                                                                       Written and translated by: mgr Kamila Olszowa

All of the pictures included in the article have the right to be used freely for commercial purposes.

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