A few tips to study

‑A few tips to study


Give yourself enough time to study.


If you have an important exam, do not leave it until the last minute. Learning during the last day or night is not the best way to approach the exam, even when you are able to remember the material, you will find yourself extremely tired, and that may influence your exam results. Set yourself a time table, include all duties, housework, plan your study, divide material into pieces so you can study all until the last day of preparation pass away. Make priorities, some exams require more study than others. Try to find a balance so you feel comfortable, knowing that you still have plenty of time and you do not have to work under pressure. Write all important dates down in your calendar. While you face some unexpected problems, you do not have to panic as you still may help somebody for help.




Organize your study place

biurkoMake sure that you have enough place and space to make yourself comfortable while studying. You have to place all of your notes, searching them will be a time waste. The best place to study is a clean table or desk, proper order makes the job easier. Working on a messy table will lead you to constant distraction. Make sure that you have proper light. Making your eyes tired will shorten the time of your study. When working or studying on the computer sit on the comfortable chair. Try to get rid of all distractions like music, TV or someone talking behind your backs. Find quiet place where you can be alone and try to focus as hard as possible. However, not all of us prefer studying in silence to studying in messy, loud place. It is up to you, how you do it, the key is being motivated. Think of what works for you, where you feel the most comfortable and try to arrange the background similar to it. Simply make it right or make yourself ready for a big failure.



diagramUsing the visual aids may be really helpful when revising to the exam. Before you start prepare the notes of what you already know and what you still have to study. Highlight where the gaps lie. Try to condense your knowledge and prepare revision notes into few- pages diagrams. One you make the notes, you have easier job when revising the material later on. Prepare the diagrams if you are visual learner and you don’t need a lot of text; write only a few key words down. After reading which, you will directly go into the certain branches of knowledge. Brainstorming is perceived as a good to prepare yourself for the presentation.





Practice on old exams

egzamPracticing on the past version is one of the most effective ways of learning. Whenever you have a chance of taking the exam paper to home, do it! It may help you to get used to a certain format in the future. Some of the questions may be repeated or at least may be similar. It can also be useful when checking how much time you spent for each section, if you find out the areas where you still have lack of knowledge, you ought to devote more time on revising it. Ask your friends who study with you, if they had some previous exam papers or not.



Explain your answers to other people

grupaWhen you are not sure of your knowledge, find somebody at home, who can listen to your explanations. Provide them with questions and try to make them familiar with the given subjects. If the get involved, they will start asking you some questions. When explaining them the content you may get it clear in your head and it will also highlight the areas were you still need some work. If you have a friends who will it the same exam, study together and try to revise the material together. In case of being uncertain you can always ask your friend’s opinion.



 Organize study groups

 Invite your friends and study together. You may have a lot of questions, their answers may help you in learning. Make sure that you are not easily distracted when learning with others, otherwise meeting with friends will lead you all to a failure and will remain only as a good party. You can take turns and ask each other some questions. Stay focus on the subject, motivate your friend when he or she loses her or his hopes. Having a friend on your side is effective when your notes are incomplete. Than you can look for some information up to your friends’ notes.

Take regular breaks, eat and drink

While you study for many hours, you have to remember to have some breaks. Find the best time to study. Some of us work the most effectively in the morning and some of us prefer night. Choose the time that works for you, but remember that regular breaks really work. Develop your own study routine and follow it. Have a snack, your brain need some fuel. However, what you eat can really have impact on energy levels and your focus. Choose nutritious foods, such as fish, nuts or seeds. Drink a lot of water it is essential for your brain.

Plan your exam day

Make sure you get everything ready. Do not leave things undone until the final day, as you do not need additional stress. Check all the rules and requirements of the exams to avoid being scared during the exam. Plan your rout to school. Being late may finish the game. Avoid driving before important exam as you may find it hard to focus. Try to sleep well before the exam, your brain needs to cool down before working hard. Do not forget all necessary documents, the best is to check if you have all twice before you leave. Prepare the outfit much before as you may be seriously depressed after you realized that your lucky jacket is dirty or you do not know, how it is possible but suddenly all of your smart clothes are gone. Eat properly, as what you eat is very crucial and may have a negative impact on your abilities.



                                                               Written and translated by : mgr Kamila Olszowa

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